This was the first piece choreographed by Risk Dance Company.  It was made for camera and was made to explore how the body could be seen through lighting and camera work and words. I worked on this piece as part of the camera crew.


Set in the Heygate Estate in Elephant & Castle we explored the space through it’s relation to the human body, imagining stories of the people that used to live in the abandoned tower blocks and creating a simple dance that repeated in different settings tells different tales and provokes different emotions. The title ‘Howdah” refers to a carriage positioned on the back of elephants used to carry people, a symbol of wealth and strength. This method of transport has been criticised as it can damage the elephant’s lungs and back.

I worked on this film location scouting and on camera.


This experimental dance film explores intimate relationships we may fantasise about that never come to fruition. The making of this film was a collaboration that took place over a year. Acting as the director and part of the camera crew.


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